Our Seven Principles

We at the ERI Group, both as a unified corporate group and as individuals, practice these Seven Principles in order to bring about high-quality housing and buildings, and to contribute to the development of safe and beautiful urban environments.

Principle 1.
We provide consumers and enterprises with the information that they need in a fair manner.
Principle 2.
We observe laws and regulations, and maintain a neutral, third-party stance.
Principle 3.
We provide our clients with cutting edge assessments that set the standard.
Principle 4.
We meet the demands of clients from all sectors, and strive to provide them all with rapid service.
Principle 5.
We establish a system under which each individual is directly responsible for executing his or her all duties and may not delegate them.
Principle 6.
We engage in as much disclosure as is practical, in order to achieve corporate transparency.
Principle 7.
We strive as a corporate group to be worthy of the public trust and to have a beneficial influence on society.
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